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Saturday, May 26, 2018


Cullman,  AL

We haven't done a heck of a lot the last couple of weeks but we have had some visitors.

 Almost 2 weeks ago my sister, niece and great-niece came for a too short visit.  My sister Debbie, Great-niece Emilie and Niece Kelly.

Emilie is completing her Junior year of HS and is considering various colleges.  While they were here we all went down to Tuscaloosa to University of Alabama.   Kelly had made plans for us to all tour the campus.     What a huge complex.  Impressive.  U of A is one of a couple on the top of Emilie's list.   First we went to a bus tour, then a walking tour with one of the students.   Nice but at 98 degrees  the walking tour was a challenge. 

We've had other visitors since they left.    A wren family building a nest in our crock on the porch.

Frequent visitors from across the road.  Each time he and his mate come closer to the house.

Most visitors are welcome.   Not this one.

This weekend... Flag the flag and buy a Poppy.  We've done both with gratitude to our Military.

Until next time.


  1. Busy, busy great to get family visits and your wren making a nest so close to where you sit is a surprise. I'm with you on the snake.

    What is the ditch being dug?

  2. That snake would not be on my welcome list either:)