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Friday, April 18, 2014

If this fails, don't know what more to do.

Centerville,  TX

Got the truck back today with the repairs completed from my OOPS of last week.   This means fresh paint, shining clean truck.   A temptation for any crazy cardinal who wants fight with the other  cardinal he sees in the windows, paints, etc.

So this is what we were forced to do.

I don't know who gave us more stress, the bird or the insurance adjuster.  

After filing a claim the adjuster called us.   He said he would contact the body shop.   The accident was last Wednesday.  We had the impression from the body shop that we could bring it in on Friday provided the claim was approved.  When  Friday came we called the body shop to find they were just contacted about submitting the pictures so it would have to wait until Monday.  No problem.

Leonard  then spoke to the adjuster.   Leonard told him the body shop said to bring the truck in 7:30 on Monday.   The adjuster told Len to call him when he got to the body shop and he would make arrangements for a rental car.  Len reminded him that we are in TX and one hour earlier than he is in North Carolina.   No problem the adjuster said.  He would be in the office.

So Monday Len gets to the body shop at 7:30 and calls the adjuster.  Gets a message that he is at home, leave a message.   Len does.  He waits, he waits, he waits.  He continues to call the adjuster.   13 times.  No return call.  Finally Len calls our agent in SD.  She is a gem.  Has a great reputation in the RV community as providing excellent service.  She gets right on it.  In the meantime there is no car available at the Ford dealership/body shop.   None in the town of Centerville.   She arranges a car to come from Huntsville, more than 25 miles away.   Gets there at 11:30.

I opened my email later that day.   There is a notice from the adjuster to pick up the rental car in OKLAHOMA CITY.  Only 350 miles away.   I reply to the email from the adjuster with our agent on copy. She cancels the Oklahoma City car.  I got no response from the adjuster.

That brings us to today.    Len was told to pick up the truck at 4:30.  In the meantime I go online to our credit card account and see we were charged $110.00 by Hertz.   What?    Len calls Hertz who says the adjuster only approved a rental of one day.    Since the beginning he knew it would take at least a week, maybe two.  (It took just 5 days).    Len tried to call him.   LEAVE A MESSAGE, I AM AT HOME, says the recording.

So again Len  calls our agent in SD who handles it with Hertz.   Great agent, no complaints about the insurance company.  The adjuster needs to be fired.   Still haven't heard from him.


  1. I went with the same gal you did in SD so far I have not needed her..knock on wood

  2. Sounds like the adjuster could use some adjustment:)

  3. Good to hear you have your truck back. I bet that adjuster makes big money for staying home and doing nothing. I agree he needs to get fired.

  4. Geez. What an idiot. Definitely needs to be fired, no customer service there!

  5. Wow, can I get that job? Seems there are a lot of stupid people out there who are gainfully employed. And working from home.

  6. A one day car rental from 350 miles away? Give me a break!

  7. Egads. Just when you think a person can't get any dummer, one comes along and shows you you are wrong. Thank goodness for your agent.

    What extremes you had to go through to get rid of that cardinal! Is he gone?

  8. I'd be reporting that adjuster to whoever happens to be his boss.