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Friday, April 4, 2014

Visitor who won't leave and other things.

Centerville,  TX

Since we had 8 days free of not having a "gate" last Friday we drove about 210 miles over to Louisiana to Leonard's brother and sister-in-laws house, Royce and Susie.  We are so fortunate that when in that area (without the RV) we are welcome to stay at their beautiful home.

The reason for this trip was the Breaux Family Reunion held on Saturday.    So fortunate that it occurred on the only weekend we could attend.    This is the 2nd time this reunion has been held at Len's cousin Dwayne's house.   Well, if one would call this a house.

Check it out on www.chateaudebonreve.com

Here is Dwayne attending to his little old grill.

A special treat to us was taking some of our Louisiana grandchildren with us.

Clara, Hunter and Nathaniel

We returned on Sunday to the Gate Guard Services yard in Buffalo and spent the night.  We arrived here in Centerville 7:30 Monday morning.  

We sure don't have to take a long walk to check in the traffic as evidenced by this picture of equipment arriving.    Yea, that's our awning at the top.

Today we have had a visitor outside since about 7 am.  

It is now pass 5:30 p.m. and he is still here, flying into two of our windows.   Time after time after time.  He will stop for just a minute or two and start again.  What gives????

I've tried and tried to get a picture of him as he flies into the glass or skittering up and down in front on the window.  He's just too fast.


  1. He is seeing his reflection in the windows and thinks it's another male trying to intrude on his territory. Only way to stop it is to cover the windows on the outside. ;)

    1. Judy, that's what I thought. If he is still doing to tomorrow we will have to do something. I am so afraid he will hurt himself. It's been almost 12 hours now and he's not letting up.

  2. We had a couple male bluebirds trying to 'attack' the birds in the window too. They finally gave up after a few days. We started looking for nesting material in and around the RV to make sure they weren't trying to get the female to build a nest.

  3. Yes Judy is correct as always when it comes to birds. Hope he doesn't hurt himself.
    Len's brother sure has a nice small spread there. :)